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Cut fat and burn calories! Simply put, this is the ultimate group fitness class for high-intensity interval training. We incorporate bikes, rowers, treadmills and bodyweight exercises within a circuit format, which will have you pushing your cardio levels to the limit and burning as many calories as possible during the session, as well as the next!


A class run by women, for women.Hybrid’s renowned Bikini Body class incorporates group training methods that are much better tailored for women; heavily focusing on legs, glutes and abs. This is a fast-paced, intense yet educational group fitness class that we offer in Central, Hong Kong for how womencan get strong and lean, all whilebuilding a body to look good in a bikini. This class is instructed by Karen, our very own competitive bikini athlete and personal trainer here at Hybrid, who’s passionate about pushing women towards the body they’re looking for.


From this transformative 45-minute class alone, you’ll build muscle and burn fat as we combine tempo training, progressive overload and correct form in order to build maximum levels of muscle within a fast-paced class, which has you shredding calories at the same time! For anyone looking to gain mass, this acclaimed form of group fitness training is simply perfect for you. Learn how to stimulate muscle response or leaning down, while holding onto your hard-earned muscle tissue.


A group fitness circuit embodying our heaviest training exercises, from deadlifts to farmers’ walks, heavy sled drags and bear crawls, the Hybrid Strongman is specially designed to get your complete body strong, solid and hitting those PR’s every week.



Become the ultimate athlete with our most anticipated class on the schedule! This is a class like no other… in just one hour, we combine everything a professional-level athlete uses to achieve the optimal sport performance. This is a 12-week course, specifically programmed to increase your overall strength, power and endurance. This class will also run through mobility work, nutrition and recovery tips, as well as team challenges. Everything you do will be tracked in order to monitor your progression throughout the complete 12-week experience. Sign up now to try the only group fitness class in Hong Kong that offers the most precise training and methodology to maximise your performance!


At Hybrid, MMA is what we’re all about. We’re one of the most respected Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) facilities in Hong Kong, whereby we offer classes of all levels in a friendly, welcoming environment taught by our impeccable line-up of professional mixed martial artists.


At Hybrid, we are extremely proud of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) department. We offer classes for all skill levels, everywhere from absolute beginner to enthusiast to professional, all taught by our high-level, black belt coaches whom offer a warm and welcoming environment.


We offer classes to students of all abilities, everywhere from beginner and intermediate to advanced, our high-level coaches will work tirelessly to not only help you improve your skill set, but to also enhance your mind and self-confidence too.


We offer boxing classes to students of all levels. Whether you’re looking to learn to box for the first time or desire to become a seasoned pro, our highly experienced coaches offer the perfect group fitness training sure to suit your abilities.