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Cut fat and burn calories! Simply put, this is the ultimate group fitness class for high-intensity interval training. We incorporate bikes, rowers, treadmills and bodyweight exercises within a circuit format, which will have you pushing your cardio levels to the limit and burning as many calories as possible during the session, as well as the next few hours!


A class run by women, for women. Hybrid’s renowned Bikini Body class incorporates group training methods that are much better tailored for women; heavily focusing on legs, glutes and abs. This is a fast-paced, intense yet educational group fitness class that we offer in Central, Hong Kong for how womencan get strong and lean, all whilebuilding a body to look good in a bikini. This class is instructed by Karen, our very own competitive bikini athlete and personal trainer here at Hybrid, who’s passionate about pushing women towards the body they’re looking for.


From this transformative 45-minute class alone, you’ll build muscle and burn fat as we combine tempo training, progressive overload and correct form in order to build maximum levels of muscle within a fast-paced class, which has you shredding calories at the same time! For anyone looking to gain mass, this acclaimed form of group fitness training is simply perfect for you. Learn how to stimulate muscle response or leaning down, while holding onto your hard-earned muscle tissue.


Hybrid Elite focuses on a higher complexity of movement patterns in order to develop your ability to express force and speed under stress. Explore all the variables of strength and conditioning within a competitive environment that will demand the greatest adaptation of your strengths as well as weaknesses.


Become the ultimate athlete with our most anticipated class on the schedule! This is a class like no other… in just one hour, we combine everything a professional-level athlete uses to achieve the optimal sport performance. Develop speed, strength and various power metrics in an all-encompassing athletic development environment ensuring you become a holistic Hybrid Athlete. The programme must fit the athlete and this is why we prescribe individual programmes that produce individual results.


Quality movement always precedes quality exercise. In over to compliment your training regime, our mobility and soft tissue class will introduce you to an array of tools and techniques to ensure that you have the full capacity to move freely and comfortably. Compliment your current training regime by dedicating an hour a week on releasing, stretching, increasing range of motion and managing muscle soreness.



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the leading sport for grappling, it promotes the concept that anyone of any strength can utilise proper technique to defend and submit an opponent on the ground using leverage, joint locks and chokeholds. BJJ is one of the most highly recognised and respected sports to take part in. Here at We offer Gi and no-Gi classes so you can learn traditional BJJ techniques but also understanding how to apply them into MMA or Self Defence.


The authentic from of striking from Thailand is known as “the art of 8 limbs” incorporating strikes using the hands, elbows, kicks and knees as well utilising the clinch technique to battle your opponent. This stand up martial arts is one of the most recognisable today due to its success and effectiveness in stand up battle, now heavily utilised in any MMA promotion as well as one of the most popular classes in any martial arts gym today for both men and women.


Mixed martial arts is a full contact combat sport made popular in recent years by the UFC, MMA as it is more commonly known allows striking and grappling both standing and or on the ground, using techniques from various combat sports such as BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing and Wrestling, MMA is the ultimate in Combat sports, our classes range from beginners to our professional fighters program and are guaranteed to get you fight ready and in the best condition possible.


Notably one of the oldest if not the oldest combat sport today still being trained and utilised in current mixed martial arts. Wrestling is known to be the most dominate of all combat sports as it offers the fighter the ability to take the fight to the ground whenever they choose and control their opponent on the ground. Heavily practiced in the US, wrestling has slowly found its way into mixed martial arts gyms across the world and is now one of the most popular grappling sports today.


Probably the most popular and well known combat sport today, Boxing focuses on hand striking only and probably has the richest pedigree of all combat sports with a solid amateur system right through to the professional ranks, Boxers have long been regarded as some of the fittest athletes on the planet, Boxing is a great workout for both men and women, we have classes from beginner level upwards.


Hybrid Striking is a freestyle mixture of striking arts combining disciplines such as boxing, Muay Thai and kick-boxing as well as traditional martial arts such as Karate and Taekwondo and putting them all together as one fluid from of striking, this style of striking is now best utilised in MMA where the best fighters in the world are now fluent in many styles of striking.


Fighters are some of the best conditioned athletes on the planet, this class has all the benefits of fighting without the physicality of fighting itself, this class is the ultimate in cross training utilising all the benefits of Boxing and Muay Thai pad work for striking mixed with ground fighting drills, cardio drills and bodyweight exercise drills, this class will get you in the shape of your life.